u kids know ‘mr peasant’ sourdough loaf? chalk full of whole grains brown rice n roasted potato spelt berries n rye flours n LUV… do you know that this is what we build your sandwich on if u say sourdough option…. just sayin my peeps… someone luvs ya

so…. if i told you we made a sourdough-sourcream starter for our SOuRmilk salt n pepper biscuits w/green onions, you’d say your coming to visit in the snow to eat one tomorrow YES? #moldbroken #Bizniscuits #jalepeñolemonhoney #ontheside

looking for a dishwasher to join our dedicated awesomesauce team. why work here? delicious people, delicious food, delicious hours. we do things differently here n we have fun doing it. it’s a close knit team working toward a common goal– to serve up love, tastygoodness and comfort to all. please send resumes to careers@scratchbread.com and spread the word people.

super aged anejo tequila, spicy margarita, lengua tacos…DUMBO… im beggining to think ur my next new home…. maybe even a restaurant concept…. #teaser

so im hoping by installing the new door that FINALLy came in, you will have a gentler entrance upon arriving at SCRATCHbread, bed stuy. sorry it took so long my beautiful peoples.

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today’s SPECIALpizza– floating on a sea of speck, heavy cream and toasted peppercorns. today’s special pizza. #respeckt #specktacular #hadto

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TODAY’S SPECIALpizza: house cured lox, pesto cream cheese, capers, red onion, hipster ranch, jalapeño and chives oh my

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