yes. really so were doing test runs.. if you want this people, you gots to call. 917.803.5773.  Look for an integrated web ordering system in the next couple weeks.  route is roughly myrtle to fulton to lewis ave.  If your close to that, call and ask.  were nice people.




the best cranberies ever

I’m not kiddin. these are wood roasted new england cranberries with a whisper of fresh lavender and star anise.  not tart, not sweet. purrrrrrrfect.   sold by the pint allllll week for ten bucks.

Oh, were open 8a-2p thanksgiving.


PIZZAmenu tonight

Daily 4:00pm-8:00pm
sourdough grandma pizza’s

(9 pieces)[slice/pie]
Wood roasted CHEESE curd, chili, basil, tomato

broccoli rabe, garlic, heirloom tomato, heirloom chili


Oven baked sandwich
Thick heirloom tomato, fresh herb, pickled hot chilies, hipster ranch

HOT pasta
HOT corkscrew pasta, spicy chicken meatball, red sauce, house cheese curd

Ceasar (*no dairy/fish)
black kale, smoked almond dressing, crouton

hot summer chilies, 5 cheese, hipster ranch

917. 803. 5773
call ahead


tomorrow = new pizza menu

just a lil R&D.

we gonna start a pizza program. look for details tomorrow. whole sourdough grandma pies/ baked sandwich/pasta/Caesar/STICKbread.

everyday 4-8p. call in ur order starting tomorrow.


tamale no mas

a friendly reminder no mas tamale tuesday. we’ve got somethin else brewing and cant wait to show you’s soon.
open till normal 6:30p with regular menu

mexican donuts w/custard


and since y’all were missin the custard wif your mexican donuts…. well, the CUSTARDS BACK.

tamales : bean, cheese, jalepeno (w or w/o cheese) / carnitas

we gots the spicy shrimps

queso chihuahua in the quesadillia

A friggin tostalad

and lots of roasted local squashes n mushrooms for the lettuce wrap tacos.

OPEN TILL 9:30p peoples.


hasta pasta



chicken leg carnitas stuffed HOLLOWbread w/curried brown rice, dat, raw spinach and shaved onion.

free range chix breast stuffed PiZZAbread w/fontina &charred apple.

just sayin. #itschckenday #SCRATCHdeliciousness


Knife sharpening demo

ok folks. I’ve got KORIN japanese knife company coming into SCRATCHbread this Wednesday to perform a knife sharpening demo. email me if you want to be here. 3pm. they will bring knives/sharpening stones/sushi making stuffs to buy at a discount. how ya like me now.